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Museum of "Stumbras"

K. Būgos g. 7, Kaunas +370 686 94 388 Arrangement in advanced.


"Lithuanian Drinks Journey" is an educational programme linking four cities with unique Lithuanian beverage traditions - Kaunas, Alytus, Šiauliai and Anykščius. These cities are home to Lithuania's largest beverage factories: Stumbras in Kaunas, which has already entered its second century, Anykščių Vynas in Anykščiai, which is approaching its centenary, the youngest factory Alita in Alytus, and the historic Gubernija brewery in Šiauliai. All the factories share a clear vision - to cherish the authentic traditions of Lithuanian beverage production.

The first and probably the only spirits museum in Lithuania, opened in 2009, provides an overview of the history of the Stumbras factory and its role in the development of Lithuanian industrialisation. The 100-year-old factory and the museum itself reveal the historical memory of the factory and, at the same time, give a glimpse of how Stumbras drinks are made and bottled today.

Tastings from 20 years old only.

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