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SANTAKOS PARKAS (Confluence Park)

Santakos parkas, Kaunas

No matter what you believe in or who you worship, the confluence of two Lithuania’s biggest rivers, Nemunas and Neris, is a place to restore your energy levels. It’s also sometimes called the birthplace of Kaunas. Some sources say this is where a grove of Milda, the Lithuanian goddess of love, courting, friendship and freedom, once was – maybe this is why the place has always been so popular among romantics. Setting a date at the confluence is a very traditional and special thing to do!
Every Thursday, a Romuvian (Romuva is a contemporary continuation of the traditional ethnic religion of the Baltic peoples, more than 5,000 people consider themselves Romuvians) mass is held at the aukuras [fire altar] in the Confluence park.
Great for proposals, selfies, outdoor weddings, street basketball, volleyball, frisbee, jogging, Nordic walking, lunch, pagan rituals and much, much more.
Many historical sites, such as, as for instance, the Kaunas Castle and St. George Church. The visitors can also admire the city panorama and see the sculpture of Pope John Paul II.

Photo: A. Aleksandravičius

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