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Perkūnas House

Aleksoto g. 6, Kaunas +370 641 44 614 Adults – 5 EUR, children, student, senior – 3 EUR I, III, IV – 12.00-18.00
II – 10.00-15.00

Perkūnas House (Thunder House) is one of the most original and impressive residential houses of Gothic style in Lithuania, with the original eastern façade. Bricks of up to 16 different profiles were used in this façade, it is considered that the building was built in the late 15th century. The building is famous not only for stories about Hansa community merchants but also for the statue of God Perkūnas (Thunder) found in the wall of the building in the 19th century, which determined the name of this object. Supposedly, the name Perkūnas was given in order to honour traditions of paganism, the old Lithuanian faith. The first Drama theatre of Kaunas was established here in 1843, however at present Perkūnas House belongs to the Jesuit Gymnasium and houses the Memorial Museum of Adomas Mickevičius. This building is symbolically associated with Hansa merchants; therefore, it is one of the most popular places during Hansa celebrations.

Picture: A.Aleksandravičius

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