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Rotušės a. 15, Kaunas +370 616 50991, +370 616 23828 info@kaunasin.lt www.visit.kaunas.lt

For just over twenty years during the interwar period, Kaunas served as the capital of Lithuania. A time of immense development when thousands of new buildings were erected, manu new businesses started, and important higher education and state institutions established. Kaunas became a fast-paced and vibran city, with large numbers of Lithuanians returning from major cities across Europe, as well as a wide range of different foeign nationalities coming to settle here. And what is a capital city without its diplomatic community? Albeit temporarily, many international countries set up their embassies in Kaunas, installed their representatives, and at the same time established a busy network of diplomats across the city. If you look deeply, you will probbly find all the ingredients for a series of thrilling stories of intrigue and secrecy in diplomatic Kaunas. Perhaps you will decide to write your own script while enjoying your diplomatic access to Kaunas?

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