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Have a Cosmic Christmas in Kaunas This Year

“The Mysterious Planet” is the official theme of the Christmas town in Kaunas this year. Opening on December 1!

It’s time to set your Christmas plans! The festive season in Kaunas, the city guarded by patron saint St. Nicholas, officially starts on December 1, and the Christmas Tree will be lit at 6 pm on November 30. The Christmas Town will be open every day until the Feast of Three Kings, January 6. We hope you spend a weekend or two in our city this winter!

Known for unlimited fantasy and attention to the finest detail, the Kaunas-based artist Jolanta Šmidtienė has already decided on this year’s Christmas theme. Together with her team, the creator of award-winning festive concepts and decorations is already working on this year’s Christmas town under the banner of “The Mysterious Planet”.

“Last year, it was all down to earth – piles of snow, white tree, polar bears.. This year, we want to turn on your imagination. The characters we are working on will be festive and bright, but it’ll be hard to say whether it’s a plant, a ship or an animal,” Šmidtienė promised.

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This is how our Christmas tree looked like in 2018! Picture by A. Aleksandravičius

The Christmas decorations of the main tree in Kaunas were made from transparent plastic straws in 2018. Almost 3 million of them were used – all of them collected and recycled after the festive season. The recycled material will be transformed into this year’s decorations. Some of last year’s gigantic Christmas toys from the Town Hall Square will be used again to create the festive spirit in other public spaces of Kaunas. As in more and more cafes and restaurants in Kaunas and Lithuania, plastic straws, dishes and cutlery won’t be welcome in this year’s Christmas Town.

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KM 56

Kaunas is known for inventive, original and picture-perfect Christmas trees. Pictures by A. Aleksandravičius

The Christmas Town, traditionally situated in the Town Hall Square, will invite merchants, bakeries and other family businesses and artists to help create the Christmas spirit. You’ll be able to send a festive postcard home with the help of Christmas mail; of course, there’ll be plenty of picture-perfect views for you to capture. Also, Kaunas is a great place to take care of your Christmas shopping list. Apart from the market, many of the shops in the old town and the centre of the city offer festive deals; numerous markets will be held in December all around Kaunas.

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Snow suits us! Picture by A. Aleksandravičius

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