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Data: 2019-10-18 Pradžia: 10:00:00 Trukmė: 2.5 h Organizatorius: VšĮ "Kaunas IN"
Excursion will be only in English.
Information about meeting place will be send by e-mail.
Dalyviai: Kaina Kiekis
Bilieto kaina 6,00 € Pirkti

There’s no such word as “wallographer” you say? True, but how else should we call the observer of street art, graffiti, neo-frescoes, site-specific artwork and other traces of art that can be found outside museum or gallery walls? We invite you to become the wallographers of Kaunas and to embark on a never-ending tour – by the time you reach the final point of your walk, new detail will have emerged, and you will definitely want to snap a picture. It is also likely that one of the artwork included in the tour will have run its course. That’s why the wall and streets of Kaunas are remarkable – they never sleep. They simply live.

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