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Pilies takas 1, Raudondvaris, Kauno r. +370 640 35936 raudondvariodvaras@gmail.com www.raudondvariodvaras.lt Outside of the city

Raudondvaris Manor is a significant architectural monument representing Lithuanian Renaissance style, dating back to the early 17th century. Situated on the upper terrace of the right bank of the river Nevėžis River, near its confluence with the river Nemunas River, in close proximity to Kaunas, the manor holds historical Importance. The centerpiece of the Raudondvaris Manor ensemble is the castle palace, featuring a prominent tower. Complementing the palace are two official buildings, an orangery, stables, and an icehouse, all set within a 3.8-hectare park. Together, these elements form a cohesive and unified manor ensemble.

Raudondvaris Manor Castle serves as a versatile venue for a range of events and activities. It hosts civil registration ceremonies, conferences, chamber concerts, and visits from domestic and foreign diplomats, as well as cultural, tourism, and business representatives. Visitors to the castle can also participate in sightseeing or theatrical tours, which culminate in historic dances, and have the opportunity to purchase unique manor souvenirs.

Raudondvaris Manor Art Incubator is a cultural and artistic space located in the former neo-Gothic stables from the 19th century. It opened its doors in 2015 and offers a range of facilities including a mobile 500-seat theater and concert hall, an exhibition space, and residences for artists and artisans. The Art Incubator not only serves as a venue for cultural events but also promotes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Currently, there are studios dedicated to interior design, costume design, amber, ecological candles, ceramics, holidays, and linen products. The creators of the Art Incubator also organize educational workshops for both local and foreign tourists throughout the year.


White Hall (Raudondvaris Manor Castle)

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Concert Hall (Raudondvaris Manor Art Incubator) 510.07 500 - - - 220 -

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