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From Sweet to Savoury: Our Favourite Bakeries in Kaunas

See you in one of the places listed below if you can’t start your day without smelling fresh bakes.

We’re not sure the fact Kaunas was called ‘Little Paris’ before WW2 has something to do with our baking traditions, but we indeed love our croissants and éclairs. Of course, you can get your perfect fresh ciabatta in Kaunas, too, as well as traditional Lithuanian black bread that, for some, is better than chocolate. So, if you can’t start your day without the smell of fresh bakes, see you in one of the places listed below.

MonAmi Boulangerie

“We wanted to bake just like our mothers used to bake – slowly and with respect to humans and nature,” state the founders of MonAmi, at the same time expressing their love of French baking traditions. Our only suggestion is not to rush. Choose your favourite loaf of bread, éclair or croissant. Or a cake, if you’re in for a special occasion. Sit back and enjoy every bite. The central location is near the Kaunas Central Bookstore; there are four more in Kaunas.


Left, right or both? Photos by MonAmi

La Petite Patisserie

For a fantastically soft brioche, a heavenly light Pavlova or a batch of ultimately fluffy meringues, head to Akropolis mall and find its sweetest secret. Baguettes and other daily pieces of bread are also available at the patisserie, as well as tons of traditional festive bakes for all the holidays that exist on earth. We suggest you order in advance!


Every day is a holiday with the right bakes! Photo by La Petite Patisserie

Motiejaus bakery

The hard-to-miss breakfast spot famous for its hearty omelettes is also a tiny bakery that provides the residents of the Old Town with fresh ciabatta, croissants and other sorts of baked goods. 


Cherry cupcakes, anyone? Photo by Motiejaus kepyklėlė


There are donuts, and there are spurgos. The Lithuanian version of the baked good is very different from the American one, and this place in the heart of Kaunas has been serving the spurgos (with jam or with curd) for decades. The interior is worth a separate mention, as it takes you back to times when Kaunas was a very different city. Get a cup of hot cacao with your spurga!

spurgine 1

Photo by Evaldas Virketis for Kaunas city municipality


The Prezo network connects thirty small bakeries all around Lithuania. We’re lucky as ten of the bakeries located in Kaunas (two in the main pedestrian street, Laisvės alėja). In Prezo, you can fill your bag (or stomach!) with quality sweet and savoury pastries of all kinds, delicious cookies, traditional black bread and other delicacies for a very reasonable price.

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This one's savoury! Photo by Prezo


“We want to have 101 bakeries! Maybe our kids will open the last one,” joke the bakers about the name of their chain. They opened their first spot back in 2008. It’s still a long way to go, and that’s a good thing because the owners focus on quality and not quantity. Another reason to like them is that the company has officially stated they do not use eggs of caged hens. Freshly baked goods are available in the bakeries every morning and range from super-sweet to savoury. The central location on Laisvės alėja also offers generous business lunch. Coffee, too.


Photo by 101

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