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March 2020 in Kaunas: Music

Spring has sprung in Lithuania; this means an even more intense event calendar.

Spring has sprung in Lithuania; this means an even more intense event calendar. Here are some of the most exciting concerts scheduled for March in our city. Have a #kaunastic time!

Saturday, 03 07, 8 pm
Live: Kabloonak 
“PuntoJazz” attic, Kęstučio g. 6

Kabloonak is a tiny musician, living under your carpet or somewhere in the attic. He makes songs that fit perfectly into your pocket and keep you warm while listening. Kabloonak was born in 2016 when the drummer Jonas Narbutas put aside his drum sticks for a while and released his debut homemade album. In Kaunas, Jonas will perform with a full band, but he promises it’ll be as cosy as in his attic. 


Photo by Benas Šarka Jr.

03 09 – 03 14
International festival “Kanklės in my hands” 
Kaunas City Museum Folk Music Branch, L. Zamenhofo g. 4
Free of charge | More information

The kanklės is a Lithuanian plucked string instrument (chordophone) belonging to the Baltic box zither family known as the Baltic psaltery, along with the Latvian kokles, Estonian kannel, Finnish kantele, and Russian gusli. The fifth festival is focused on the contemporary expression of playing kanklės, as well as the instrument’s closest neighbours. Both folk artists and professional musicians are set to perform in the events. You can even learn how to play kanklės!

Anton Kamenskij

Anton Kamenskij will travel to Kaunas from Novgorod, Russia, with his instrument. Photo by Sergei Suftin

Tuesday, 03 10, 7 pm
Live: D. Razauskas, S. Petreikis and string quartet
Kaunas State Philharmonic, L. Sapiegos g. 5

Songwriter, poet and musician Domantas Razauskas and multi-instrumentalist Saulius Petreikis first presented their unique programme with a string quartet in 2018. After a series of sold-out shows, the artists decided to release a vinyl record. It’s now time to celebrate the release.

Tuesday, 03 10, 11 pm
Club night: Palms Trax
Club “Lizdas”, Nepriklausomybės a. 12
More information

The night before Lithuania’s second Independence Day will be dedicated for the club’s most devoted dancers. A local genius Mario Moretti will perform live, while a Berlin-based British DJ Palms Trax and a few more Lithuanians will provide their finest selections of electronic dance music.  

03 10 i kluba kaip i darba

Photo from the archive of Palms Trax

Thursday, 03 12, 6:30 pm
Live: “Baltos varnos”
Kaunas Cultural Centre, Kęstučio g. 1

Sisters Milda and Teresė Andrijauskaitės are both singers and musicians. They first started off as a duo; today, the experimental folk-influenced indie band also includes a bass player and a drummer. For this gig, the group is rehearsing new songs, as well as the audience’s favourites.

Thursday, 03 12, 8 pm
Live: “jautì”
“Sinagoga Studio”, Vaisių g. 30

“jautì” is art/math rock band who released their debut EP “Gap Year” and had the first tour in Lithuania by in 2017. A debut album followed in 2019, and this February the band released some new music again. Time to play it in Kaunas. 

03 17 – 03 22
The 23rd Edvard Grieg and Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Music Festival
Kaunas State Philharmonic, L. Sapiegos g. 5
Official page (in Lithuanian)

Twenty-three years ago,  the friendship of Hordaland county in Norway and the city of Kaunas inspired the festival celebrating the legacy of the two most influential composers of both countries. The event invites you to discover the world of classical music and its correlation with contemporary music art. 

Friday, 03 20, 7 pm
Live: Saulius Petreikis  
Kaunas Cultural Centre, Kęstučio g. 1

Saulius Petreikis has a unique collection of musical instruments from all over the world and uses them to create and perform his own music. His newest album “Sekma ryta”, recorded together with vocalist  Vytautė Pupšytė, is based on Lithuanian folk music that used to be transferred from generation to generation. Hear it live in the concert, as well as some of the best pieces by Saulius and his “World Orchestra”.

Friday, 03 20, 10 pm
Club night “Lights Out: Sasha”
“Gargaras”, Raudondvario pl. 101

The Welsh DJ and record producer is best known for his live events and electronic music as a solo artist, as well as his collaborations with British DJ John Digweed. While the golden years of progressive house might be already in the past, his talent hasn’t gone anywhere. 

03 21 – 04 04
International chamber music festival “Avanti”
Various locations
More information

Returning for the ninth time, the festival is bringing together yet another approach. This year, the programme focuses on classical brass instruments and the music they perform, written by composers from Lithuania and abroad. The festival will kick off in VMU Great Aula; concerts will also be held in unexpected locations including Kaunas State Puppet Theatre.

Wednesday, 03 25 
Live: “Of the Wand & the Moon”
Club “Lemmy”, Girstupio g. 1
More information

“Of the Wand & the Moon” is a neofolk/experimental project of Danish musician Kim Larsen and various guest contributors. The band will be visiting Kaunas for the first time.

Saturday, 03 28, 9 pm
Live: The Ditties
“PuntoJazz” attic, Kęstučio g. 6
Tickets on door | More infomation (in Lithuanian)

Inspired by The Boswell Sisters, The Andrews Sisters, The Dinning Sisters and the likes, The Ditties is the only professional vintage and retro jazz/swing vocal trio in Lithuania.

03 28 the ditties

Photo from the archive of the band

Sunday, 03 29, 7 pm
Live: Alina Orlova
Kaunas State Philharmonic, L. Sapiegos g. 5

Alina Orlova’s folk- and cabaret-tinged acoustic music might remind the listener of such diverse acts as CocoRosie, Cocteau Twins and Anthony and the Johnsons (all being her personal favourites), but it is really much more than just a sum of these influences – mainly because of Alina’s inimitable voice itself. Ten years ago, she released an album “Mutabor” that became cult classics. It has now been re-released as a vinyl record. Hear it live with special guests on stage. 


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