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Second-hand Treasure Hunt in Kaunas

Where to head to in Kaunas if you’re up for finding something you never knew you needed?

What can be better than a new book, dress or music album? Well, maybe just a book, dress, music album or even a sofa that comes with a rich history. Authentic vintage goods (and hunting for them) is pure joy for those valuing timelessness and quality. So, where to head to in Kaunas if you’re up for finding something you never knew you needed?

Humana Vintage

Humana is probably the most popular second-hand clothing network in Lithuania. Humana Vintage are its exclusive stores in both Vilnius and Kaunas. Find the kaunastic one on M. Daukšos Street, right next to the lovely Chaika cafe. Humana Vintage is all about timeless pieces, funky colours and trustworthy materials. Match your old-new dress with some accessories and a bag, and you’re ready to hit that party.

humana vintage

Photo by the company

Vinyl store
(Plokštelių parduotuvė)

This is your go-to shop if you’re missing that one album from your Led Zeppelin discography – or are into obscure records from the 70s. Česlovas, the owner, stocks tens of thousands of records in his shop. He also has some MCs and CDs… See you in Kęstučio street, right?

ploksteliu parduotuve ceslov

Antique shop-gallery GK Galerija

Kęstutis Šafranavičius is head of the local Tatar community and an avid collector. So, first of all, in his shop on V. Putvinskio street (look for a house with fancy columns), you can buy tools for collecting: albums, sheets of paper, and anything else that you can slip and put things in and protect. You can also gain knowledge here because Mr Kęstutis is interested in many different fields (his greatest passion is notaphily, i.e. banknotes and well, he can talk about sports forever!) and has accumulated a lot of material.

putvinskio 2

Photo by A. Čiukšys

Vidmantas Staniulis antique bookstore
(Vidmanto Staniulio knygynas-antikvariatas)

Yes, this antique and second-hand book dealers’ paradise nurtured by the biggest Lithuanian bibliophile and antique book dealer (sadly, V. Staniulis recently passed away) – and his wife is located in that newly renovated interwar building designed by Jokūbas Peras, where HBO’s Chernobyl was shot. The nicest one on Vytauto pr., for sure.

You can find about 10 thousand books there. The oldest is from 1677, in Latin. Lots of books, of course, are about Lithuania, including miniature ones! You can also find “additional” things here: paintings, coins, stamps, models, postcards.

vytauto 2

Photo by A. Čiukšys


Vytautas Avenue, no. 58, the end of the 1930s. A. Burkus’ collection.  

Antique shop in Kaunas
(Antikvaras Kaune)

Aidas and Jurgita Arbačiauskai, the owners of this antique store, had to build a new house in a plot located on a quiet alley between Radvilėnų pl. and M. Jankaus g. in Žaliakalnis so that they could fit around five thousand objects! And they really do have everything here – from coffee cups that many can afford to real treasure relevant to Kaunas cultural historians. Those looking for traditional, folk items would not be bored here. Museologists find exhibits here, too, as well as filmmakers.

jankaus 2

Photo by A. Čiukšys

Car boot market
Bagažinių turgus

Visiting this giant flea market every weekend is a favourite thing to do for many Kaunasians, no matter if they are collectors or not. Vinyls, books, clothes, furniture, TV sets and beyond – you never knew you needed that, but hey, it looks good, gets it!

A few times a year, the area in the Urmas shopping town becomes an international (this means much bigger) flea market – the next one is scheduled for November 5–7th. Are you coming in a full car or an empty one?

bagaziniu turgus

Photo by the company


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