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In 2018, the Best Restaurants in Kaunas are...

Four kaunastic restaurants made it to the Lithuanian top 30 this year – we’re stoked to see new faces here, as well as our long-time favourites.

One has way too many choices when looking for restaurant recommendations. Facebook reviews, TripAdvisor reviews, food critics, magazines and many other sources are available – but what’s the most trusted one? Of course, we don’t know – but we’re always thrilled to read an opinion of a professional. Therefore, we’re happy to share the 2018 rating of 30 best restaurants in Lithuania, as selected and reviewed by the HoReCa professionals in the country.

Four kaunastic restaurants made it to the top 30 this year – we’re stoked to see new faces here, as well as our long-time favourites. So, let’s hear what the professionals have to say!

Nüman, a restaurant promising “the food, the mood – the whole experience” and certainly living up to the promise, reached #11 this year. “Last year the brand new restaurant went straight to top 3 – this season it’s very close to the best ten and still the best-rated restaurant in Kaunas”, says the official description.

30geriausiu numan430geriausiu numan3

#13 is the unique hospitality complex Monte Pacis located in the Pažaislis monastery, a real baroque gem of Kaunas: “It’s a very high jump from last year (Monte Pacis came 23rd in 2017) – it seems that the owner and head sommelier of the restaurant Indra Ramanauskienė made a right choice when handing the steering wheel over to Rokas Vasiliauskas, an up-and-coming young chef”.

30geriausiu montepacis530geriausiu montepacis530geriausiu montepacis4

Appreciated by both local and foreign foodies (especially Scandinavian!), Uoksas is #22 this year. “Uoksas have been steadily proving they’re one of the best for three years in a row – it’s one of the best-valued restaurants in Kaunas, a place where the menu changes together with nature and represents micro-seasons rather than seasons, together with the new era of Lithuanian taste”.

30geriausiu uoksas530geriausiu uoksas430geriausiu uoksas6

The fourth kaunastic restaurant among Lithuania’s best is Ieti, rated #24. “In the past, the contemporary creative restaurant had come very close to the top 30 – this year’s it is finally among the best! Another interesting fact is that Inga Turminienė is the only female head chef among the 30 restaurants rated” – kudos, Inga!

30geriausiu ieti230geriausiu ieti

All of the restaurants listed in the “30 best restaurants” rating are included in our Kaunas Gastro Guide. You can pick up a free copy of the culinary map in tourist-friendly places around town or check out a digital version here.

All photos by “30 best restaurants” and the restaurants.


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