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Culture ship/dredger Nemuno7

Left bank of the river Nemunas, Zapyškis, Kaunas region Emilė Kaminskaitė Sutkuvienė +370 37 548 118 Outside of the city

The culture ship/dredger Nemuno7 - is a unique European project of river technology, landscape design and contemporary art.

Nemuno7 is the original name of the dredger used to deepen the riverbed in the river Nemunas. Built in 1965 in what was then Czechoslovakia, it can no longer be used for its intended purpose due to outdated technology that is harmful to the river ecosystem. Instead of destroying it, a more sustainable solution has been chosen: to give it a new role and transform it into a cultural space. The transformed object in Zapyškis, on the left bank of the Nemunas, was established in the spring of 2022. The project is developed in cooperation with Kaunas and Kaunas District - European Capital of Culture 2022.

Nemuno7 is moored on the left bank of Nemunas, in Zapyškis. You can visit it between May and October. In winter, the ship is towed to the winter harbour.

Nemuno7 Gallery 30 45 36 22 21 24 45
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