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Kaunas – Kačerginė – Kaunas

T. Daugirdo g. 1, Kaunas +370 609 86020 info@nemunastravel.lt

Sailing upriver Nemunas. Trip duration for about 5 hours. You will enjoy the most prominent architecture of Kaunas Old Town from Different perspective. The boat will sail through the confluence of rivers Nemunas and Neris, and later the waters of river Nevezis will join Nemunas. The sightseeing of old and modern architecture of Kaunas district will follow you until town Kacergine is reached. After reaching to Kacergine you will have a guided tour to famous Lithuanian writer P. Masiotas house. A stopover 1:30 hours will allow you to stroll around Kacergine places of interest and pinewood.



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