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Dinner in Kaunas (Top Restaurants)

So you’ve started your day with a croissant and had a salad for lunch… Great. But, after a full day of discovering Kaunas, you must be starving. You, sir, deserve the best dinner our city has to offer.

So you’ve started your day with a croissant and had a salad for lunch… Great. But, after a full day of discovering Kaunas, you must be starving. You, sir/madam, deserve the best dinner our city has to offer. While you can order a lovely meal in most pubs and cafes downtown, why not treat yourself to something genuinely kaunastic? Here are our top dinner choices in Kaunas this Autumn – with arguments one can’t beat.


With a tremendous focus on how modern Lithuanian (think Nordic) food can be prepared and served, this family restaurant is the creative kitchen of Artūras Naidenko. It’s favourited by Scandinavians and other guests of Kaunas, so we suggest you book your table in advance.


Višta puode

The restaurant’s name means ‘a chick in a pot’, and, at least for us, it reminds a cosy weekend at grandma’s. This is what the place is all about! It’s about nostalgic childhood memories, family recipes, Lithuanian traditions and much more. You’re welcome for a quick lunch bite or for a great traditional dinner in the evening. The drink menu is also super Lithuanian.

vistapuode top


Rich in Italian, French, Thai, Indian and other dishes, this restaurant possesses a tasteful blend of everything from food to the interior. The staff starts each day by baking fresh bread, while regular customers are always eager to know what’s on the menu today. Did we mention it’s the go-to restaurant of Žalgiris basketball players?

dia steak


The only authentic Mexican restaurant in the city offers dishes from the Veracruz region – approved by the chef’s mother. We suggest you visit with friends, as the meals are great for sharing. Don’t forget the margaritas…

agave tacos

Monte Pacis

The best deal would be visiting the Pažaislis monastery for dinner and then staying at the Monte Pacis hospitality complex for the night (or the weekend). Spiced with insights and creative secrets of monks, the dishes are often made from products grown right here, and the beverage list deserves applause. We suggest you try the 6-course tasting menu – and stay for the weekend brunch.

monte pacis desertas


A tiny house on historic Nemunas street fits the food, the mood and the whole experience, including the vibe, the smells, the service, the attitude, and, of course, the minimalist interior that serves as a perfect background for the carefully prepared menu. 



Pizzas play the leading role; however, don’t miss the orchestra of seafood and pasta, too. We’d say this feels like home, yet very few homes would have such an assortment of ingredients!


Momo Grill

The legend of Momo Grill was born in Klaipėda, and we’re thrilled the seaside steak masterminds decided to open a second spot in our city. Located in a former spirits factory, the place does serve the best steaks (fish, too) and is also known for the fantastic brunch menu.

momo kaunas


One might want to scream “thank God it arrived” when seeing the dinner being served. Located in the heart of the Old Town, the restaurant focuses on local ingredients – of course, the chef has been inspired by numerous gastronomic trips worldwide.


Senis ir jūra

Inspired by Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, this joint offers precisely that – dishes that are prepared from what today can offer. Plates full of memories and joy that can only be supplied by the sea. Lobsters and oysters make a great match with champagne, right? If you’re in Kaunas on a weekend, remember Senis ir jūra serve duck Eggs Benedict.

senis jura


Nestled in the heart of Kaunas, Laurus beckons discerning guests with its enchanting blend of premium quality cuisine and a mesmerizing interior that transcends mere aesthetics. Every visit to Laurus is a culinary journey through a symphony of flavors, where delectable dishes unfold in harmony with the breathtaking ambiance. Beyond its culinary prowess, Laurus caters to all occasions, offering the perfect venue for special celebrations, conferences, and indulgent business lunches, ensuring every experience is as exceptional as the cuisine itself.



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