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Warming up (Delightful Activities in Wintertime Kaunas)

In Kaunas, you’ll find cosy activities to warm your spirit and body every season. Especially in winter.

As the winter solstice has already approached, the days are slowly getting longer again, which is definitely one of the ingredients of the Christmas miracle. However, the evenings are still long, and the mornings remain lazy… So, what to do and how to please oneself when the day seems to fly by before you’ve even had time to check your mail...? In Kaunas, you’ll find cosy activities to warm your spirit and body every season. Especially in winter.

The magic of light

You don’t even have to go to the Old Town every day and admire the city’s biggest attractions festively decorated. Of course, it’s a great thing to see. But there’s more. Tree branches draped with lights, elegantly decorated office, shop and café windows – it’s heart-warming when you’re just walking around at dusk. Take a stroll in Žaliakalnis, for example – you’ll be amazed at the ingenuity of Kaunas residents and their ability to emphasise the beauty of the winter with original festive decorations.

aleja sviesos

Photo by A. Aleksandravičius

Something for the body

If Santa didn’t bring you a trip to the warm countries, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy vacation treatments. Kaunas has a growing number of special-concept establishments dedicated to relaxing the body and mind. Just pick a free evening, or even a weekend, and ... don’t forget to find a swimsuit or a pair of trunks in your closet. Your heart and eyes will light up after a massage or other treatment. And for our recommendations for such an evening, click here.


Photo by Manilla SPA

A warming cup

Strong black coffee, fragrant tea, a sinfully rich cappuccino with cream, or maybe a splash of Kaunas-made kombucha? A few minutes with a cup of your favourite beverage while turning the pages of a magazine or a novel is the kind of relaxation that everyone can afford. Are you looking for a new favourite café? Find our selection here.

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Photo by Holy Donut

The power of art

As 2022 begins, Kaunas’ galleries and museums, theatres and concert halls are ready to represent the most important title the city has ever won – the title of the European Capital of Culture. With exhibitions by world-renowned artists, concerts filled with festive (and not only) traditions, bold premieres, unexpected ideas from emerging artists (even on the street or in shop windows), spaces that reveal themselves in new artistic ways, as well as performances, installations and workshops, it’s never been easier to enjoy art and the emotions that it brings. Just open the event calendar at kultura.kaunas.lt.

Horizon Martynas Plepys 39

Photo by M. Plepys

Let’s get tropical

... and if you really miss tropical plants and warmth, head to the VMU Botanical Garden. Housed in the historic Aukštoji Freda manor, the Botanical Garden boasts the largest orangery in Lithuania! It’s hot (and humid) all year round, with more than 900 species of plants growing on more than 1,000 square metres.

oranzerija agava

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius



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