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Gedimino g. 48, Kaunas +37061885964 registracija@artdecomuziejus.lt https://www.artdecomuziejus.lt Registered guided tours only.

Time travel to Kaunas, 1929. Art Deco era apartment. Kaunas, famous for its unique modernism architecture of the interwar period, it‘s something to explore in town. But how cool is to enter an apartment and visit an inspiring Art Deco apartment which was recently restored to it‘s original beauty. It‘s a place where architecture and authentic interior is an expression of the way people lived in Kaunas city in 1930's. Art Deco Museum is located at Gedimino st. 48, in the heart of Kaunas uptown, surrounded by other great Art Deco - Modernism buildings and museums. See and experience authentic 1929 interior, which is functionally divided into the official part, including dinning and living rooms and to private part, with two bedrooms, walk-in closet, bathroom, kitchen, maid‘s room and separate service stairway. During the tour through the apartment, listen to the inspiring stories of the prominent former residents of the building. This is a privately funded architectural-historical project by two young Kaunas citizens: Petras Gaidamavičius and Karolis Banys. After World War I, Kaunas became a aspirations and ideas places for many younger generations artists, creators, painters. What kind of aesthetic taste had people? How modernistic architecture and art deco styles have been created and populated? Do not miss an opportunity to know about famous artists and painters of interwar period, who created, formed and populated Kaunas modernistic architectures objects and spaces. Discover the private houses with interwar interior.

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