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Cognitive Trail of Juniper Valley / Arlaviškės

Kadagių slėnio g., Arlaviškės, Kauno raj.

In Arlaviškės village, almost above Kaunas lagoon, the edge of the incline here winds through the Arlaviškės cognitive footpath. On the continuing trail, which is nearly 1.3 km long, you will find not only information stands but also wooden benches and playgrounds. A few years ago - in 2016 - this juniper valley trail was chosen as the most beautiful cognitive trail in Lithuania. A panorama of the widening Nemunas and Dabinta Island, the Ronakalnis outcrop and even a 5-hectare unique juniper in Lithuania open here. Some junipers, which are almost a century old, reach a height of 12.5 meters long.
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